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I do not limit what the Universe can do in and through me by doubting my dreams or my abilities.




This book is a wake up call to remind you that as a divine child of the Creator, you are creating. your life with every thought and action. you are either creating what you want or what you do not want. You are being offered a guide to creating the life you always wanted. A way out of being stuck and struggling and stepping into taking bold, intentional steps to bring into your life peace, joy , love and desires of your heart through the guidance of a higher power of your understanding. This is not a book about religion. It is an invitation to team up with Divine Love to co-create the incredible life you were designed to have.
Co-Creating Oracle

affirmation cards

The Co-Creating Oracle Affirmation Cards will improve and encourage up-lifting positive thoughts. Igniting your mind with joy and endless possibilities will improve your mental, physical, and emotional health, and empower you to achieve your dreams.



With Connie

Schedule a one on one consultation and meet with Connie (included with the purchase of Co-Creating with Connie).



With Connie

Includes the bundle, a phone or video chat with Connie and a 7-part video series discussing core areas that may block or impede spiritual journey, and support and inspiration for completing the workbook.

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